Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They whispered "come home"

They whispered "come home" ~Essi sussurrĂ² 'tornare a casa'~

I walked familiar paths, a warm wind blowing through my hair.The sounds of the boats, and a sense of freedom, a life without care.The sky was so blue and the ocean too, I had no worries and nothing to do. So now I'm going home to the city by the sea. I need the mountains and the ocean and they are calling me.They whispered 'come home'

Thursday, January 5, 2012

~ Ciao ~

~ Ciao ~, originally uploaded by BlueLily  Arlene.

I met this little cat yesterday. The cat came up to me and looked at my camera, then the cat rolled on the ground. I looked at the tag on the cat's neck and it said "I am Ciao"...Did someone name this cat Ciao?

Crocker Art Museum Exterior 1